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Astrophysicist Adam Frank guides us through the search for extraterrestrial life and questions we stand ready to answer.

Everyone is curious about life in the Universe, UFOs and whether ET is out there. Over the course of his thirty-year career as an astrophysicist, Adam Frank has consistently been asked about the possibility of intelligent life in the universe. Are aliens real? Why haven’t we found them? What happens if we do?

In A Brief Guide to Aliens, Frank, a leading researcher in the field, takes us on a journey to all that we know about the possibility of life outside planet Earth and shows us the cutting-edge science that has brought us to this unique moment in human history: the one where we go find out for ourselves.

Drawing from his own work and that of other scientists studying the possibility of alien life, Adam Frank brings together the latest scientific thinking, data, ideas, and discoveries to equip us with the critical facts as we stand at what may be the last moment in human history where we still believe we are all alone.

‘With wit and brio, Frank separates current nonsense about aliens from the serious and fascinating search for extraterrestrial life.’ CARLO ROVELLI, New York Times bestselling author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

‘This wonderful book unravels the tangled ball of humanity’s thinking about aliens, and tells the whole story with high humor and immense clarity.’ KIM STANLEY ROBINSON, author of The Ministry for the Future and the Mars trilogy

‘A page-turner on the search for intelligent life in the universe. As informative as it is entertaining.’ SCOTT DERRICKSON, director of Marvel Studio’s Doctor Strange

‘A comprehensive exploration of the seemingly limitless potential of intelligent life, human and beyond.’ ANNAKA HARRIS, New York Times bestselling author of Conscious: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind

Adam Frank is a professor of astrophysics at the University of Rochester and a leading expert on the final stages of evolution for stars like the sun. Frank’s computational research group at the University of Rochester has developed advanced supercomputer tools for studying how stars form and how they die. A self-described “evangelist of science,” he is the author of several books and the co-founder of 13.8, where he explores the beauty and power of science in culture with physicist Marcelo Gleiser.

A Brief Guide to Aliens - cover image.jpg

ISBN (Paperback): 9781915054135 ISBN (Ebook): 9781915643001
Price: £19.99 (Paperback), £12.99 (Ebook)

Published: 26th June 2024

Extent: 240 pages
Format: 138 x 216mm 
Rights Held: UK & Commonwealth (excl. Canada) 
Genre: Science / Astronomy / Extraterrestrial life

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