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Steven Boykey Sidley


‘Crypto’, a loose term that means many things to different people, only entered the public consciousness within the last five years or so, now evident by the volume of public discussion, commentary and analysis spread across every conceivable media outlet. 

IT’S MINE digs into the history and concept of ‘ownership’, which ecosystems nurture it, and where we are now. Filled with anecdotes, observations and interviews, the book takes an entertaining and accessible look at how Bitcoin made its mark, how its technology is being re-purposed to enable a revolution, and (in non-technical terms) how it all works. It explores how these new crypto ‘life-forms’ will interact with the rest of the virtual and physical world, while making some very rich and some very poor. 

‘It’s Mine directs our gaze toward the power of epoch-defining change while mark-ing the course with the practical application of digital ownership.  Future historians may well look back on It’s Mine and wonder at such a heuristic prescience gilded with clarity, style, and grace.’  JOSH ROSENTHAL, Phd - US historian, podcaster, public intellectual, educator, se-rial entrepreneur

‘Sidley explains clearly and persuasively how our rights and identities are being changed and challenged by technologies of our own making.’ BRONWYN WILLIAMS, Futurist, economist partner at Flux Trends and Metanomic and author of The Future Starts Now

Steven Boykey Sidley is an award-winning and multi-shortlisted author and playwright. He is the author of the novels Entanglement, Stepping Out, Imperfect Solo, Free Association, Leaving Word and the play Shape (co-written with his wife Kate Sidley), as well as the 2022 non-fiction release Beyond Bitcoin: Decentralised Finance and The End of Banks (co-written with Simon Dingle). He is currently a partner at Bridge Capital Future Advisory, in charge of their technology practice, and is an investor in a number of technology and crypto companies. Sidley was appointed to the position of Professor at the University of Johannesburg, Graduate School of Business (JBS) in 2022, to pursue research and teaching in blockchain and 4IR technologies.

It's Mine_Final Cover High Res.jpg

ISBN (Paperback Original): 9781915643513

ISBN (E-book): 9781915643520

Price: £12.99 (PB), £8.99 (Ebook) 

Pub date: 15th August 2023

Extent: 288 pages  

Format: 216x138mm  

Rights Held: World English   Category: Economics/History/Technology

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