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by Seren James


The Little Book of Motivation is full of inspirational tips that are easy to implement, as well as words of advice to motivate you on whatever task you are doing and need to complete.

It’s the perfect companion to keep with you at all times, pop it in your bag or pocket and dip in to it whenever you feel like you need guidance and motivation.

Seren James is the author of two titles under the Hero imprint. Her books include The Little Book of Leadership and The Little Book of Motivation.

Seren is an entrepreneur and business mentor, she has trained and mentored numerous clients in the practice of start-ups, cyber and technology.


ISBN (Paperback): 9781789551198

ISBN (Ebook): 9781789551204

Published 27th February 2020
Price: £4.99 (Paperback) £3.99 (Ebook)
Extent: 204 pages
Format: 100 x 80mm
Markets: World

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