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Vanisha Parmar and Aseia Rafique

Why do organizations and individuals in the UK and other countries still deny the realities of structural racism and unconscious bias?

And when there is an acknowledgement of the problem, why are long-term solutions constantly avoided?

Drawing on their personal backgrounds, professional experience and extensive research, Vanisha Parmar and Aseia Rafique expose the hypocrisy around racism in our organizations and society at large. White Allies Matter is a passionate and practical guide for starting conversations about racism and setting the groundwork for meaningful change.

Vanisha Parmar is a passionate and committed change agent and an anti- racist advocate. She is a diversity specialist with 20 years’ experience of working in large, complex organisations including the education sector and legal sector, not for profits, the third sector. She is a Law graduate but decided not to pursue a career as a solicitor and, instead, studied a Masters in Race and Ethnic Studies at the University of Warwick. She was recently named in the Women in Law’s UK’s top 100 future power list for her work in the legal profession and regularly speaks on diversity, bias and anti-racism in addition to other areas of equality. Her work incudes supporting organisations in creating strategic change as well as providing solutions at an operational level.

Aseia Rafique is passionate about equality, equity, diversity and inclusion and in particular in the area of women’s rights. She has extensive experience of working across all sectors to challenge sexism, racism, and stereotypes and misogyny against women. Having her own business has meant Aseia has been able to support, advocate and promote inclusivity across diverse business organisations, in the third sector, in education and in law. Having the privilege to work in equality, diversity and inclusion has meant realising the potential to drive change, to help others overcome adversity and to simply champion the rights of others. She studied for a Masters in Gender & International Development at Warwick University and has lived and worked abroad in Harbin, China.


ISBN (Paperback): 9781915054746
ISBN (Ebook): 9781915054753
Price: £12.99 (Paperback), £8.99 (Ebook)

Published: 15th March 2022
Extent: 240 pages
Rights Held: World

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